Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Introtyl is a death metal band from Mexico. It is not for nothing that they name Bolt Thrower, Suffocation, Behemoth, Severe Torture, Cannibal Corpse, Bloodbath and Decapitated are reference points. Their recordings and their live shows bring upfront, efficient death metal, but at the same time the band has always stated that the quality of the music is important, too. It's not just playing fast or heavy as a band that is casually jamming together, but rather as musicians who are proud of their skills, their songs and their genre. Of course, they always seek to communicate musical brutality. That’s a given. According to Metal Archives, their second EP is called Inception, and you can hear songs from it on ReverbNation. This year they have some shows coming up in Mexico, for instance:
September 17: Toluca
September 24: Durango
October 7: Mexico City
October 29: Guadalajara
November 19: Celaya
A last matter that should of interest is that they actually have several videos on YouTube, including their full show in the Wacken Metal Battle and also another full show at the After Winter Fest in June of 2016. As you can imagine, YouTube videos often have a substandard sound quality, but even so, the energy of the band comes across really well and also their experience. Metal Archives says that they started in 2008. At the moment, the members of the band are: Sara (guitar), Kary (vocals), Ale (drums), and Rose (guitar).

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