Thursday, August 25, 2016

NEWS: Six-Score

Six-Score (Austria)
Release: 14 October 2016
Ok, friends into grind, it's time to get into the mosh pit with Six-Score, a bunch of speed freak lunatics raving against many things (some of them in German) and playing blasting music from here to eternity. Surprise, surprise, they hate capitalism and corporations! Since that's what they do and that's who they are, they have chosen to play grind. They claim that they began back in 2008. You know, back then capitalism was very ravenous and many working people could not find a job or had garbage jobs, but now in 2016, now that things are much, much better, no, wait, they are not much better and Six-Score is much more bitter and grind and furious and they are just about ready to burst into blasting songs at any given second because that's what politics makes them do. Go figure, go grind! Below you will find some hype about the band with big statements and all that, but maybe you can find out a couple of useful tips in there, anyway. If not, oh, well, go their Facebook page and go straight to source of the grind.
OFFICIAL: Austrian grind band SIX-SCORE will release their stunning new album Lebensräume on October 14th 2016. The band's seamless blend of d-beat, hardcore punk and metal makes for a stunning listen. Lebensräume will be released on digital, CD, cassette and vinyl as a co-release by WOOAAARGH,Hectacombe, EveryDayHate and a few other labels. After releasing their first full-length album Drudge, the band played shows both locally and in foreign countries, culminating in an appearance at the prestigious Obscene Extreme Festival in 2013. Now in 2016, the band has catapulted itself to the forefront of the grind community with the upcoming release of Lebensraume-A masterpiece of modern grindcore that will stun fans of bands such as Human Cull, Nasum, Napalm Death, Pig Destroyer, **** the Facts and Rotten Sound.
Maximum Gain by Efficient use of Affliction (DIY release) 2009
Drudge (DIY release) 2010
Split LP w Prosperity Denied (Release by Bloody Lips Records) 2013
Sampler: Dump 2014 (Release by Knochentapes) 2014

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