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interview: Stars Eat Worlds

Stars Eat Worlds has a free/name-your-price recording of a musical perspective called “Lovecraftian Surfer Metal.” This publication previously has written about said recording.
Stars Eat Worlds
Stars Eat Worlds Demo
release date: August 25th, 2015
Stars Eat Worlds (Arizona, U.S.) is a metal solo project by a person named Nikoletta, who takes care all of the instrumentation, according to Metal Archives. The music is available for free at Bandcamp. It is instrumental, progressive extreme metal, with a clear melodic black metal influence. You may call it post-black metal or you may call it "Lovecraftian Surfer Metal" as Nikoletta herself does. When you listen to the music you will notice that it is meant to be music for interstellar voyages or for contemplation. The fact that there are no vocals allows the listener to concentrate on the music more, and as such, it's a different type of mental exercise. As you can see from the song titles, Nikoletta also has a sense of humor. That, or she hates lyrics and giving titles to songs. Anyway, let's hope that this is just the beginning and that there's lots more coming our way. Very interesting demo.
"Stars Eat Worlds" by Stars Eat Worlds
1.That Is Not Dead 04:51
2.Which Can Eternal Lie 06:52
3.And With Strange Aeons 05:54
4.Even Death May Die 07:15
total time 24:52
Stars Eat Worlds is also about rocking out. The recording is not a bunch of spaced out keyboards and bass solos and droning whatevers. It’s about guitars!
Anyway, now is as good a time as any to find out more about this project. Below is a little exchange between this publication and Nikoletta. At the end of the interview you find all the relevant information. Thanks for answering the questions, Nikoletta!
Are you on Facebook? I can't seem to find much information about your project?
I used to be much more active with Facebook a few years ago. I dislike echo chambers and Facebook serve those who use it as such. I have a personal account, but I deactivate it for months, or years at a time unless I need to touch base with somebody in my network. In other words, I'll use it when necessary, but I refuse to be used by it.
Would you mind providing a biography or history of Stars Eat Worlds?
The music for Stars Eat Worlds was originally meant to be part of a reunion album for one of the black metal groups I helped produce music for about ten years ago. "Even Death May Die" was the first song I wrote to serve this purpose. When it became clear that a reunion was going to be impossible, I decided to release the song myself, but not before I composed a few more. The first track for the self-titled demo "That is Not Dead" was where I started to work with a few new ideas which embraced a Lovecraftian Surfer vibe. I mean, there aren't a lot of black metal tunes one could surf to--not that I would know anything about it--I don't surf, but there's sure to be someone out there in the void that enjoys catching some sick waves and hang-ten headbanging for Satan.
Besides the bio, do you have any news, shows, recordings, merchandise or other information?
The only news that I have about Stars Eat Worlds at the moment is that more music will be released when it's done. And not until then. I'd like for future releases to have a physical option, but I'll cross that overused platitude when I get there. I've been asked to play some shows here in the Southwest, and while I'm not currently interested in playing live, I may be open to it in the future.
What is the situation of your project at the moment? How do you feel about the future of your music?
As I mentioned before there's no lofty goals with this project, I'm looking to have fun with it. If doing shows and writing new music in the future means fun then it will happen. I don't want to limit myself into delivering this project in one way--Stars Eat Worlds is my interpretation of what I think sounds good for black metal. I don't want to go out of my way to sound like "this band" or "that band." I just wanna be me--if that means being a Satanic beach bum who writes surfer black metal when I'm inspired to do so, then that sounds good to me.
How can people support your music?
Step 1: Download it.
It's free if you want it to be. If you like what you hear and want to toss in a few bucks that's cool. If not, that's cool too.
Step 2: If you like it, tell other people about it. Spread the music around.
Step 3: Tweet at me. It's the best way to contact me. I can be reached @ChainSpellStun on Twitter. If you're too black metal for Twitter then you can email me directly from the Stars Eat Worlds Bandcamp page.
How would you describe the musical objectives of your project? People start bands and projects for a reason. What do you seek to create? What drives you at this point to continue making your music?
I want to create my expression of what I consider to be black metal by breaking away from it. When I was younger I used to be much more serious about making something dark or evil sounding, but as I've hit my late twenties, early thirties it's all about what feels right to me. I've produced a good amount of electronic and video game music over the last six years, but working with that medium isn't quite as fulfilling as working with brick and mortar instruments. When I wrote Stars Eat Worlds I hadn't touched my physical instruments for over a year--and I needed to write something that left me more fulfilled than simply arranging and creating sounds in a DAW. I needed to make my fingertips get calluses again!
In general, I've been working semi-professionally in the music industry since 2002 and the way I typically get motivated to write music is by not doing it for a while. Lazy periods can be just as productive as working on something 24/7.
Is there anything else that you would like to let us know?!
We live in an interesting time for metal. It's pretty difficult to remain anonymous. With the advent of social media, black metal has become more human--which I think it’s good. Being cult is cool and all, but it isn't realistic. Or scary looking. Bullet belts aside--corpse paint looks like ****. I mean, if you want to look like a psychopath that's your business, but I'll stick to Sephora. Besides, it's much more fashionable. Thanks for the interview! I had fun.

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