Thursday, November 7, 2013

Toxic Holocaust (U.S.): “Chemistry of Consciousness” (Relapse Records)

Toxic Holocaust (U.S.): “Chemistry of Consciousness” (Relapse Records)
All the rumors are true, Toxic Holocaust is an aggressive potion of Motorhead rough-gut vocals and speedfreak energy, plus early Bathory black thrashing primal riffs. On this album, like their previous ones, it’s total black thrashing punk growl metal, and all the songs sound like part of one big thrashfest. One song just flows right into the next one, and such style the album is suddenly finished: 28 minutes, 11 songs.
Listeners already familiar could be pleased that they got more of what they wanted, or could just easily complain that it’s more of the same; and it is more of the same. Well, what else is a band called Toxic Holocaust supposed to do? No “jazzing it up” here, no “experimenting” with the tuba and banjo here, it’s thrash. It’s not the most mind-boggling thing in the world and it sounds like this band could have recorded the album in a week, in a riff-after-riff nonstop barrage.
Be that as it may, from the perspective of this listener, this music is a-ok, tons of great vibes and tunes. Definitely recommended for un-uptight thrashing maniacs who want music to be a good time.

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