Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Reptilian Death (India): "The Dawn of Consummation and Emergence” (Demonstealer Rec.)

Reptilian Death (India): "The Dawn of Consummation and Emergence” (Demonstealer Rec.)
These word wizards work a world of disgusting disseminations of sick sounds. The putrid poetry proposes “Distorted by Bondage, Blood and Bestiality” and also “Soaked with the Imperfections of Puerile Blood.” They like the word “blood.”
Chugging and blasting is the way of Reptilian Death. They have breakdown/hardcore energies, brutal, heavy and fast death metal. You know how some bands have a message that they want to get across? Well, Reptillian Death also has a message and a goal.
First, the message. The world of zombies and ghouls is in Reptilian Death. In that world, reason and logic do not achieve much, but loud obnoxious musical anger goes a long way towards gutter blasting metal.
Second, the objective. Reptilian Death tells a tall tale of trapping together speed and the brootalz. The sound of the death metal of the reptiles, of mud and dirt. It’s getting hot in this pool of mud where Reptilian Death is knocking down the breakdowns and pounding out the r stories of fury and slime.

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