Friday, November 22, 2013

Nightfall (Greece): “Cassiopeia” (Metal Blade Records)

Nightfall (Greece): “Cassiopeia” (Metal Blade Records)
(review contributed by JJ:
Nightfall’s ninth studio album: Cassiopeia; 11 songs, 50 minutes. Nightfall was formed in 1991 by frontman and bassist Efthimis Karadimas. Lineup changes were effected in almost every release, with Karadimas remaining the only constant. Nightfall and lineup changes go together like peanut butter and jelly, apparently. Fans shouldn't be surprised if you follow this band. Cassiopeia is a conceptual record based on our arrogant human race and they used metaphors from Greek mythology.
Cassiopeia is opened with “Phaethon,” the track which showcases all faces of this troop as it starts in more modern midtempo melodic note, but as it reaches the other half it gets much faster. As the album progresses one will understand that “Phaethon” represents the whole of Cassiopeia in a nutshell. We were pleasantly surprised and it should be noted that Cassiopeia is a very atmospheric release; keyboards are nonstop laying emotional parts, while the guitarists Evan Hensley’s &
Constantine's riffs, leads and melodies are fast, short and sweet; plus, not knowing when and where they are going to jump at you is a new trait for us. Usually they are predictable and expected, but not here. In addition they are carrying those distinct Greek riffs which connoisseurs will recognize right away.
Cassiopeia carries elements of gothic, symphonic death and black metal, and even old heavy metal yet somehow brought together nicely. Cassiopeia is original and a must have for 2013. It does demand the full attention from the listener but it pays off big time. The saga of Nightfall continues to evolve and for the better. Rarely do you find an album that has this many elements and yet sound so great. Production is excellent and at 50 minutes it's perfect.
Most of the time we will know if we like something after the first listen. After one spin we knew we needed to dive in for a closer inspection. We knew there was much more to hear. Sure enough, it got nonstop rotation for days and we are sure glad we did. We really like and recommend this album. Do yourself a favor and get it at your favorite store. Let’s hope Nightfall keeps this up.

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