Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Earthen Grave (U.S.): “Earthen Grave”

Earthen Grave (U.S.): “Earthen Grave”
When someone mentions “Chicago doom band” you may think Trouble, but there are other bands to consider. Case in point is Earthen Grave. Within a traditional doom context, the mood moves from the heavy, thick riffing to upbeat, headbanging moments and then onto mellow sections, and back to the doom. These songs also have an additional element that should be mentioned: classical violinist Rachel Barton Pine, whose playing adds a fundamental difference to the sound of Earthen Grave. At times, Earthen Grave approaches speeds beyond doom, although the band always finds its way back to the base of the songs. “Death on the High Seas” is a little monster of a composition of doom, thrash and classical music, for instance. Overall, the doom is balanced well with these other elements.
If you like hearing bands that labor below the radar of the mainstream big-name metal, and you are a doomhead, then Earthen Grave will be a band to research.
Earthen Grave covers on this album Witchfinder General, Pentagram and Rainbow. The album sounds just fine without the covers. Earthen Grave stands on its own just fine. A case in point, they cover Witchfinder General’s “Burning a Sinner” and give it the Earthen Grave treatment. Like Witchfinder General, Earthen Grave is not the most polished of doom and the vocals are not technically proficient, and to be frank, the singer here works within his range. Recommened for those that like to check out Chicago-area bands and doom.

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