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Torchure (Germany): "Beyond the Veil” (1992; reissue) (Vic Records)

Torchure (Germany): "Beyond the Veil” (1992; reissue) (Vic Records)
Vic Records reissues the 1992 album by the death metallers Torchure, a band that evidently broke up in the early-mid 90s. In the early 90s not many death metal bands from Germany received international press; not as much as bands from Florida and New York, Stockholm and the UK.
Today, this album still sounds good, like a bit of a lost gem. If you have hundreds of early 90s bands, you probably have this album, or at least may have heard it. In contrast, if you have not heard this band, and you really enjoy old death metal: the sound, the feel, the headbanging vibes and the no-nonsense heaviness, Torchure should be fun. More specifically, check it out if you are partial to bands like Asphyx, Morgoth and Obituary and other bands that balance heaviness with uptempo segments.
The melody found on the album originates from the guitar soloing, but of course, the rhythm/riffs stay as heavy as possible. As an album from that particular period, the music shows some thrash leanings, but played at a much heavier spectrum. Moreover, Torchure also exhibits a tendency for forays into doom, in a balanced way, combining all of these factors into a death metal entity.
(Torchure bangers at a show back in the day)
Stylistically on the vocals, Torchure has long-syllable roaring-growling that’s guttural and that extends the sounds: no fast-quick shouting/screaming here, only super heavy monstrous growling. Torchure does have fast, blasting moments, but those parts are not the centerpiece of this midpaced death metal band, although the blasting certainly enlivens the proceedings.
(a flyer with Torchure on the bill; possibly around 1992)
The old death metallers have most likely already heard this album back in the 90s, especially in Germany. Alas, 1992 was more than two decades ago. If you love old death metal, then Torchure should be put on the to-look-up list.
(Torchure in action)

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