Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tension Prophecy review

Tension Prophecy (Iran):  Riot of Sacrificers      
On this album Tension Prophecy is doing their darnest to keep their death metal low, blasting and direct. They have the speed and the mosh moments pretty well calculated. “Homicidal Premonitions” is pretty straight from the Suffocation school of death metal. As soon as the song starts, you and your dog should form a circle pit in your room for this one.
When “Necrophobic” kicks in, this one sounds airtight and it’s overkill on the brutality. It’s all good: guitar solos, heavy as a brick guitar riffs and incomprehensible growling. “Pretension until Death” is made for immediate impact. It has a simple beat, and that’s why it tickles your brain so fast. Another good one.
Those are not all the songs, of course, but the main thing is: Tension Prophecy is death metal. Hooray death metal! Basic, good, intense death from Iran.

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