Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cryptopsy review

Cryptopsy  (Canada): Cryptopsy    (self-release)
Their previous album “The Unspoken King” apparently angered many listeners that want the band to play technical, skillful death metal, and not deviate into other genres, in particular if it is a trendy style.
The new album “Cryptopsy” presents the band concentrating on able instrumentation, a high-intensity delivery throughout the release. In addition, the band exhibits no desire to freak out the listener with moves of eclecticism. Instead, they laser focus on very upfront and energetic drumming and all-out pounding heaviness.
Fulfilling certain expectations about the name of Cryptopsy signals an album where the objective is live up the musical capital they have built up throughout their existence.  
Since Cryptopsy is a famous name in this genre, the main point to emphasize here is that the band has decided to give their public what their public wants. Think of it a very good apology for “The Unspoken King.”

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