Sunday, October 14, 2012

Morbid Execution review

Morbid Execution  (Poland): Vulgar Darkness   (Deathgasm)
Call it “ancient death metal,” “early death metal style,” or perhaps “primitive death metal.” It is the feeling of death metal that is the crucial centerpiece of the music. Thus, being the fastest, technical or things that constitute musical braggadocio are simply done away with.
The point is to have solid death metal songs where the listener is pulled into the action, and not made to witness as a passive bystander. The songs require little else from the listener, except a love of headbanging metal.
Master/Death Strike, Autopsy, Hellhammer are valid reference points, but I wonder if such a perspective is too narrow. Why would people who totally love Motorhead or Slayer, for instance, not like this music? Maybe even Pantera fans?
Do Motorhead and Autopsy have radically different fundamental goals? Both are about no-nonsense rock n roll. Morbid Execution is no-nonsense rock n roll, but in the form of crushing death metal.
Morbid Execution is, if you will, a simple, un-fancy, non-blasting death metal style. What is important is the overall vibe of heaviness and rawness.  Growling with forcefulness, steady-beat uptempo drumming and simple, catchy guitar work that sounds heavy in the old school way.
This is definitely easy to get into. It’s meant that way. Turn it on and get moving.

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