Sunday, October 14, 2012

Coffin Texts review

Coffin Texts (U.S.): The Tomb of Infinite Ritual   (Dark Descent)  
Coffin Texts plays serious, big-leagues death metal. It is the type of death metal that immediately sounds like they did not write these songs in a half-hearted, quick way.
I, for one, find the music very satisfying. This type of intense, blasting, frenzied, death metal responds to a metal obsessed mentality, played at such mind-numbing speed that people mosh or go crazy in other ways because it is an instinctive reaction. That is a logical response, as bouncing off the walls would also be.
In reality, the care and attention to detail required to make these songs work means that musicians behind this monster that is Coffin Texts have got to be perfectionists and dedicated to their chosen field. Listen to it with headphones on and it is ridiculous that this sounds so coherent. It sounds like mad scientists putting together chemistry equations of brutality.
Death metal for grown ups? Coffin Texts lays out all their cards on the table for the listener: songs of the highest quality, seriously intense blasting drumming, and the type of vocals that invite the listener to join in because they are pretty infectious. The vocals are all classic-style death metal done by a person who brings a distinctive feel to growling, perhaps with a tad of old black metal feeling, too.
The key words with Coffin Texts are: intelligence in song composition, and earnest devotion to their death metal.

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