Sunday, October 14, 2012

black metallers Makam Selatan (review)

Makam Selatan  (Indonesia): Blasphemer Him   
Makam Selatan is bullet belt, corpse-painted angry cat gremlin cave black metal highway to blasting. It sounds ugly, nasty and raw. In other words, Makam Selatan is doing things right. The four songs (18 minutes total time) on this EP are quintessential, stereotypical fast black metal and it will make you glad that these lunatics do it that way because it sounds good.
To hear things correctly, you have to turn this up a lot because this is no big-budget, tech fancy endeavor. It sounds like it was recorded in the grandparents basement. Perfect. I hope they never get a better production because it will ruin the insanity and magic.
They cover Cradle of Filth’s “Devil to the Metal,” but in this way, the song sounds pretty different, more garage black metal. This music is available for free at

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