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Just when you were getting comfortable: Kremathorium (Panama)


Kremathorium  (Panama)
“New Wave of Latinamerican Metal” is the band’s debut and it brings intensity and heaviness together for a style that appeals to the death metal and thrash metal taste.
                  It might sound like death metal at first, but soon you’ll notice that there is some subtle variety, although maybe you won’t notice because of the overall heaviness. For example, the bass guitar is very, very audible and that gives the sound a fullness that is pleasing.
                  I found the music to be effective. It’s about the metal energy that sounds perfect for the stage, although if you start moshing around your computer, Kremathorium won’t stop you, either.
                  At the bottom of the interview you will find the band’s website and from there you can go listen to the music yourself. Their album is a strong beginning for what hopefully will be a long run!!
The vocalist Ezekiel answered the questions here.
Your album “New Wave of Latinamerican Metal” has come out this year. Have you played concerts this year in Panama?
Right, we’ve just released it. Looks like it’s been well received by locals and hopefully we’ll be playing some gigs in a couple months. The band formed in 2010 but it was on a hiatus for almost a year. We didn’t call it quits, only that it wasn’t the right time to go out and spread the disease hahahahaha. 
Have you had opportunities to play in other Central American countries?
Not yet, but we’re positive we’ll be able to contact some promoters for one, two or more gigs out of Panama. Some of the band members have made good friends in Costa Rica but I’m not sure if we’d have any fans there. 
Can you tell us about the four members of the band?
Caos (drums): an intense dude! PARCEROOOO! 
Manitou (bass): Death metal lover 
Hoptan (guitars) known for his love of extreme sports, cars and superbikes 
Ezekiel (vocals): I currently write the lyrics. Musically, our intention is that we all put some ideas and work them out until we feel satisfied about the final product. For this first record, most of the riffing is mine but as long as we come up with new material the rest of the guys will get more involved. As you may have noticed, our music ranges from death metal to thrash, groove and some industrial if you’d like to call it that way. We’re open to trying with other styles, though. 
“Commercial Empire of Religion” and “Fairy Tales of the Apocalypse” show your interest in social commentary. What do you see in Panama and the world? 
It’s all we are dealing with, my friend! You can see it everywhere; in Newspapers, TV and this entire social media thing. Violence, Lies, Death, Hypocrisy, Disease, Selfishness it’s everywhere! It’s not a local thing. Maybe it gets worst at “third world” countries where for poor people or even mid-class individuals SURVIVAL is the rule of thumb. We “try”(hehehe) not to blame or to point out at someone with our lyrics. We just try to portray our own view and interpretation of things that are probably part of the so-called downward spiral to our demise as society.  

So far, you mostly have lyrics about religion, correct? But do you have an interest in economics, history and politics, too? Do you think that the history or politics of Panama certainly have many topics for lyrics for Kremathorium? 
Let’s say this album was way too critical about Religion since the lyrical content was conceived at some point where I was getting sick of people taking advantage of other’s ignorance and weaknesses, seeing how many idiots would rather go to a church instead of helping others and wondering why’d someone still believes in a second, third or whatever coming. I did personally have had issues as many others but at least I’ve been able to identify when someone just wants to get dough from my pockets, for example. I hate that! Don’t you think that hits our economics in some sort of way? Hahahaha. 
                  We’re sure there’re plenty of other topics (besides religion) to be covered on future releases. Word! 

Panama has repeatedly been a victim of U.S. government/corporations direct and indirect intervention in Panama. Invasions and occupations are just one aspect of a much broader range of illegal, unethical and murderous actions. How do you personally view these things? Do you view the capitalist government in Panama as collaborators of U.S. imperialism? 
Being a Panamanian, I can say the US invasion implied some sort of unnecessary force. Too many civilians dead when it was just one person to be caught. It was a fucking excuse to test on new technologies at that time. Historically, the US has only been interested in their own benefit. That’s clear to everyone. I guess it’s the north for every nation to be on top in order to secure “progress” and wealth. Man, all Latin-American countries in some sort of way will always (hopefully, not always) be collaborators of US imperialism. It’s like in class; you try to socialize with the more knowledgeable kids to secure nice grades. Kind of cruel, but it’s as it is. I do personally think we should be thinking of socializing with another “kid”. They won’t be eternally almighty. 
You’ll see what will happen when Chávez finally dies. (I’m not a prophet ok hahaha). 
Why did you call your album a “new wave”? Are there in Panama more metal bands now?
It’s not that we were brewing some kind of “exclusive” thing. I think that came out due to our current extreme metal reality in Panama. You can find death metal, heavy metal, thrash metal, black metal and even symphonic metal bands here but we noticed everyone was deeply involved in their respective metal sub-genre and not trying to let’s say, get out of that box. We love all those extreme styles so why not mixing them a little bit up? Some people call it Crossover but we only think it’s a mishmash of rhythms we do like. We’re definitely pleased to know there are some more new bands/supporters doing their stuff here. 

Your album is independent, correct?
The band just played its first gig about four weeks ago. The album was released the same day. Before that, we haven’t reached out to anyone yet. It’d be awesome getting to sign some deal. So, anyone running a label and reading this interview feel free to get in touch. We’ll send you a copy. 
Tell us about your song “Ballad for the Eternity.” Do you remember how the band wrote this song? 
I (Ezekiel) wrote that song 6 months ago. It’s a short story about a close friend who decided it was time to leave this world. She suffered of depressive episodes and had been treated with pills. Ironically, those pills triggered her soon departure. So, you make a conclusion. 
By the way, can you please tell us what other Panamanian bands have published demos or albums in 2012 or 2011? There has been a boom in terms of local releases and that’s good for sure. We would like to mention the releases from Sargon, Antagonized, Equinoxio and Cabeza de Martillo. Basically, I consider these as the benchmarks from recent years. Now, bands like Sehlah, Noctrifer, Death Incarnated, Empire of Gore and others are soon to release their material or have released it recently just as Morttus did few months ago. Actually, Manitou is the only one active in another metal band. He’s in the ranks of Sehlah, a local Death metal combo. They’re releasing their IGNORING THE CULT EP soon on Kremathorium records. 
What else to know about Kremathorium?
Sure, just a few words: BE YOUR FUCKING SELF. We want to thank you for this interview. Keep on doing such a great job letting others know more about the underground. Support? As long as you spread the word you’ll be supporting us big time. Stand strong! Now, if you reading this and after listening the tunes feel the band deserves some help, we’re open to receive your collaboration either by purchasing our stuff or booking some gigs. We’d love to play anywhere out of Panama and get to know more free-thinking people.  
                  You can contact us here: and listen the tunes at: 

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