Saturday, July 21, 2012

Power Theory (U.S.): Don't let the word "power" make you think of stereotypes

Power Theory (U.S.): An Axe to Grind (Pure Steel Records)
Straight-up, no-tomfoolery, rocking, mean, traditional heavy metal, as Power Theory have learned from bands like Accept and Judas Priest.
Some important details: Power Theory has a gritty, hard, street heavy metal sound; thus, this is “keyboard metal,” nor “symphonic” stuff: just loud guitars, with heavy-metal riffs, and heavy-metal solos; midtempo and uptempo drumming that concentrates on hitting hard (speed is not the main thing) and double-bass kicks in the correct places; and a singer that sounds in the Udo Dirkschneider/Lemmy style.
To be as clear as possible: if you like the rawer heavy-metal-as-heavy-metal can be style, Power Theory is a band you should definitely investigate.
No sugary melodies, no breakdowns, no blastbeats, no thrash, no core, no emo, no cookie-monster vocals, no stupid hardcore yelling, and any kind stuff like that.
“Deceiver” has thick, brickwall heavy metal riffs, with a memorable chorus. This is an instant-impact song. “A Fist in the Face of God” is made for the live setting, like those traditional metal audiences in Germany that go crazy for this, and with good reason. “Puresteel” highlights those gang-shouted background vocals, like U.D.O./Accept, and just sounds like a heavy metal anthem. Actually, all these songs have the feeling of anthems. In fact, that’s what this is, heavy metal designed to sound like anthems.
Power Theory do not mess around.

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