Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dying Fetus, or How Frenzy Will Affect

Dying Fetus (U.S.): Reign Supreme    (Relapse)
It’s not clear how they make it sound so much fun. Let’s see what we can figure out.
“Invert the Idols” is the work of the Tazmanian Devil eating the microphone. This track sports a mosh superbreakdown. OK, roger that.
“Subjected to a Beating” offers bursts of blasting speed and midpaced superlow brutality. Check out the catchy riffing. Aight, we may be on to something.
“Second Skin” is open invitation to a circle pit, at the concert or right there in grandma’s basement. You gotta what you gotta do. Check out the quick melodic guitar semi-solo. They are teasing there, before continuing into the chaos.
“From Womb to Waste” is a lesson on how to do chugging guitar rock. Do some chugging, but do other licks with that. Blast in the right places. Inject a little technicality, for good measure. That’s the ticket.
“Dissidence” is track number 5. You gotta keep people’s attention still. How do you do it? Deliver good songs. Major chugging/breakdown moments here.  Got it, will-a-do.
“In the Trenches”: Look out! A thrashy riff but tuned down and incomprehensible growling. Then, speed it up, there’s a wee bit of thrash under all this guttural brutality, methinks. Nice!
“Devout Atrocity” has a bit of pinch harmonics, but not too much to avoid annoying. Oh, wait, I was wrong: here is the most breakdown, most chugging moment on the whole album, perhaps.
“Revisionist Past”: a melodic guitar intro, some positively catchy riffing. Do people realize how different this song is? Can I get a witness? The guitar work here is the best on the whole album. Maybe. It’s definitely memorable. Dying Fetus is no slouch! Air guitar time! Go!
“The Blood of Power” is the last song. Blasting, mosh moments, plus a very nice melodic guitar solo. That’s it, some 37 minutes. It’s over. Play it again.
Dying Fetus knows very well how to get people to mosh and how to make people try to do the low guttural growling. “I dare you not to growl along,” says the music.
Why fight it? You know they’re right.

My only gripe is the drums. I think they sound a bit too soft and too plastic. They could use a more solid punch, make it hit with power and strength. Overall, the album is too clean, I think. I would be curious to hear the grittier, stronger, nastier, dirtier sound. Would not be more brutal? Maybe take a page from their earlier albums and get more of the nasty back.

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