Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hypnos: Heretic Commando

Hypnos (Czech Republic): Heretic Commando (Einheit Produktionen)

Hypnos can come across as cold-steel death metal, but if you just give yourself time to adjust, you will find a band working to balance intensity with strong songs.

“In Love with Death” functions on the basis of a midtempo feel of heaviness and a tiny amount of melody. The little melody works well with gruff death metal. A strong song.

“Burning Again/Hymn of Eternal Fire” is one of the best songs here. The riffs are good, and a few semi-melodic licks work with the quality death metal that Hypnos is aiming at.
“Alliance of Snakes/Reptilian Conception,” by comparison, is a short piece of speed and intensity. An effective song.
“Extremely Dark Days” and “Versus the Void” are tracks that go for headbanging metal. These are the songs that have a more immediate impact. It’s practically impossible not to like them!
These are not all the songs on the album, just some examples. A nice balance of heaviness, speed and songwriting. Good job. Good songs, no weakness. What else can you ask for?

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