Sunday, July 29, 2012

Anhedonist: the doomed live on

Anhedonist (U.S.): Netherwards  (Dark Descend)

Slow, crawling, massively heavy death doom.
Slow misery, don’t want to sound happy or upbeat, just want to play as heavy as death metal, and with as much feeling as doom metal.
There are brief bursts of speed, but it’s an overwhelming total death doom, as in “Saturnine” (9:45). “Estrangement” (10:13) might as well be a continuation of the first song because my ears are melting with doom. What was the difference between this slow, churning song and previous slow-motion catastrophe, anyway?!
Anhedonist makes Candlemass and Obituary sound positively cheery, happy and sweet.

Anhedonist is going for the following world records:
1. The heaviest band in the universe.
2. The slowest band ever.
3. The most miserable music.
Hey, right now the Olympics are taking place. Look out, Britain, there is a new game in town. Those makers of happy-go-lucky music, Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride, will need to make room for the new miserable bastards of doom, straight out of rainy, depressive, no-sun, cloudy frigging Seattle. Just give them the medal already.

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