Monday, April 16, 2018

Religicide came to Everett, WA and this is what happened

It is rumored amongst some members of the taco-truck-destroying metal band Religicide (Tijuana, Mexico/Helsinki, Finland/Reykjavik, Iceland/The Milky Way) that they have a problem with your attitude and they would like to have a word with you in private. It won't take long. It will involve: a big boxes of tacos, hot sauce, french fries, some old ZZ Top, AC/DC and Pantera records, a basket of hamburgers and a few drinks, and they promise to resolve any misunderstanding through the magic of heavy-duty groove metal.
This band showed up in Everett on Saturday, April 14th on a very foggy night and this is what I was able to capture with my cheap phone. No one at the show actually saw their faces and they might be living amongst you all, but you won't know it due to the fog that surrounds them.
Religicide, thank you for coming to Everett and telling us your adventures at the hamburger joint drive-thru!
Religicide (Washington state, USA) is violent and angry groove metal of chugging brutality. They are probably fueled by hatred of the human race, their neighbors and people who do not drink whiskey. We have been living under a rock, apparently, because we are just starting to get into this music. They already have a recording that you can exploit at Bandcamp. Peace and love is possible, happiness and tolerance are wonderful human goals, but all of that stuff is not possible in the world of Religicide. Here comes the pain.
release date: February 22nd, 2017
1.TKO 03:31
2.Murderous Intent 03:24
3.Backstab in Progress 04:17
total time 11:12
Biography: Religicide is a four piece metal act that is comprised of experienced musicians that have performanced and produced records for multiple acts over the the course of the last fifteen years. Some acts include: Wohrbohr, Dilapidation, Omega Dawn, Nakavalna (FL), and Sense of Being (FL) Pain Syndicate.
Religicide has been writing music since 2015 and has spent many months crafting and perfecting what is a brutal and heavy sound that will leave the listener wanting to leave a path of blood in their wake. The sound takes its influence from several 80s / 90s Thrash and Groove based acts including but not limited to:Old Sepultura, Crowbar, Fear Factory, Black Sabbath and more.
Religicide's core goal is to play as many shows as they can while producing and putting out records that reflect the groups vision of quality heavy music. If you are interested in booking Religicide, send us a message via facebook or e-mail us at

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