Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Substratum is a traditional heavy metal band from Seattle, U.S. They have sold their souls to the gods of heavy metal and have signed their name in the iron pages of the book of heavy metal. They do not care whether you wear your spikes on your left arm or your right arm or whether you like your bullet belt a bit high on your hips or a bit low on your waist, just as long as you are heavy metal. They want you to grow your hair, bang your head, listen to heavy metal every day and every night. Do you have a religion? Well, they have none, except for heavy metal zealotry. They have a hot, smoking, sizzling three-song demo that rocks all the way and back. The first link is where you can experience for yourself the Substratum sound. The band plays shows in the Seattle area and if you check out the concert calendar that this publication does, you will see. For instance, November 14 they will play a show in Seattle. Anyway, you want heavy metal and heavy metal you will get. Ride the wheels of steel or step aside for the eagle will fly up. Believe it, it's the Substratum wings! Chains and leather forever!
Substratum - Full Concert

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