Saturday, November 26, 2016

Holy Angels

Holy Angels is a band from Madagascar. They are a bit on the thrash side, but there are hints of other genres, too. They have a long history, about which you can read below, even though it's not clear what the status of the band is at this moment. Listen to their music at the link below.
OFFICIAL: The preeminent Thrash metal band of the mid-'90s to nowadays, Holy angels is built up by the brothers Raharison -Dom robertini (Bass guitar), Rudd Mich (drums), and ramann (Lead guitar and vocal) - in Antara a village of Rock music in Fianar Madagascar. At that time, the way to blow up the small pound was not easy, since at that time Metal music was not considered as a kind of interesting showbiz music but remained only as a fervent dream for the addicted teenagers. That's why the Holy angels band was only enclosed in a studio for the rehearsal and the songs composing during their first two years. As a fruit of this hard working, the key turning point was the first major label album debut, DIRTY WORK (1993). It thrust the band to the forefront of the metal scene. (Pentecote Rock, Live to ride, Vatravatra, Rock be tsa leo, Big Rock.. ). Though bearing some difficulties in terms of appropriated sounds and matos, let's say that Holy angels band was belonging to the bands that opened the right way for the rock music popularity and influence in Fianarantsoa. As far as the lyrics were concerned, they were foccused on life, policy, death, Peace, anvironment, love, and hope. Apart from the songs that written by raMann and Dom, some good cooperations with other monument writers (such as Gova Hernan, Doc Metal...) signed up another good orientation for Holy angels' way.
In 1998, the about-face came with the addition of a magician guitarist Tommedge, it was a kind of a new page full of new attitude, and new breath for the band. Fianarantsoa was factualy only a small place for the Big rock music, where Holy angels band was like a big fish in a small pound, that's why they made up their mind to climb up the capital of Madagascar (Tananarive), a place where Rock is as popular as in overseas. At the height of their popularity, Holy angels seemed to"self-destruct"; In fact, it was not really a split but the members of the band had to think much more about their own personal life (work, university study,..), that's why they couldn't afford to stay together in a same place for a regular moment, but only doing something whenever they met themselves together. Therefore from 1999 to 2007, they could only recorded some singles such as "Tambin'ny ota", "Messiah", "...", and some shows like "Vakina Mirock", "Big rock three", "Rock be tsa leo", "Tapage nocturne", ... . "
Anyway, along the vacant times the members were doing a kind of a side project, For instance Dom butressed the Golgotha band as a guitarist, and Rudd played with Vazantany band, whereas Tommedge and raMann ensured the OFF/ON band. So it was the ten years vacant, or "Garazy 10 taona" for the Holy angels band, a vacant which couldn't help to gathering the new experiences for them. As time goes by, after ten years, after the "gallère" of "Garazy folo taona", Holy angels came back, with the full energy, a new vision, and especially a new style (Moraingy Metal); In fact their come back was set up by a sold out show in Fianar, "Love year 2009- in Moulin Rouge Fianarantsoa, Madagascar". A show that marked by some souvenir items such as Garazy 10 taona tee-shirt, mini album entitled BACK FROM THE DEAD, (Mamo indray, KAT, Tontolo, Sary mainty sy fotsy, im70 im7, Tambin'ny ota), and 2 DVD clips of KAT and im70 im7. Now Holy angels is remaining a solid band, as Rock as a Stone, they are feeling stuffy now upon working hardly under the four walls of a studio, preparing the real Moraingy Metal which seemed like a new discovery of the century for the world of Metal. METAL IS NEVER DEAD.

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