Thursday, November 3, 2016


One of the most outstanding traits of Seattle’s Dilapidation’s condemned death & doom craft is honesty in recording. The complete discography is available for listening and it’s free/name-your-price at Bandcamp. The recordings are meant to sound like a real band and they are not afraid to allow the listener to hear the music as it really sounds. The drums sound real, and the overall music is raw, harsh and alive with energy. Of course, it’s necessary to warn that some people might not understand Dilapidation because of modern metal’s computerized music’s clinical perfection achieved through studio magic. For Dilapidation, the magic is the music, not the buttons that you can push on a screen to clean up the recording. It’s pretty fair to say that Dilapidation believes in the values of classic death metal and extreme metal in general, the kind of music that sounds sick and dirty. For the 2015 recording on Bandcamp it says: “Recorded live on the 28th of April, 2015.” That right there sums up the idea: this death doom is meant to sound real and heavy, not fancy and polished. This is the discography based on Metal Archives and Bandcamp:
1/2/2013 Rehearsal demo 2013
Dilapidation demo 2013
Rise of the Dead demo 2013
Ruin and O'blivion demo 2015
Burned Alive single 2016
FYI: Dilapidation will play in Everett, Washington on Friday, November 4th, 2016. This will be a great opportunity for people in the area to witness it all in person.

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