Wednesday, August 3, 2016

NEWS: Acheronte

Ancient Furies
Satanath Records
June 13, 2016
Delivering the black metal since 2010, these Italians now have a new album and it is available in its entirety for your listening accordance. Fortunately for the audiences that support the sounds, Acheronte serves the cause with a single-mindedness of purpose beyond the call of obligation, for devotion is the key to bring these arts to the willing participants. Below you can find a bit more information about the band.
OFFICIAL: "Ancient Furies" is unabated, in-your-face Black Metal, ACHERONTE's first album, a concept album about death and a ruthless ancient monarch. 7 songs for 7 monarchs, 7 monarchs for 7 furies. Though raw and abrasive, the riffs are chunkier and the rhythm section more pummeling than the primal, basement recording style of some of their other Black Metal brethren. They're fast, tight, catchy, mean as hell, and their Black Metal whirlwind is about as Metal as it gets.
OFFICIAL: The Acheron are born in late January / early February 2010 when the guitarist Phobos, after several attempts to form a Black Metal band failed in a short time, brings with it the bassist Moriargon (already belong to his old projects) and recruits to the expert Battery Lars and vocals newcomer, that will prove devastating in terms of vocal performance and stage presence, Lord Baal. Training and starts to work, which will culminate in late June with the release of "DEMO 2010," 3 unreleased tracks Mayhem more mold the cover of Freezing Moon, highest tribute to the legendary 2010 black. September the group to start at live performance of the band. Due to internal disagreements in July 2011 Moriargon abandons the band. In August is announced as the new bass player of the band Bolthorn, who due to personal problems will leave the band after only three months, leaving the role of bass player to The Morte. The group is divided between live performances and recording new material that will create the new EP "Genesis of Evil" released in May 2012. In 2013 as well as having shared the stage with Necrodeath and Americans Generations of Vipers release split (w Khephra - Black Faith) "The Last Prayer." In February 2015 Lars leaves for personal reasons, is replaced later by Beast.

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