Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Horna - Atavistic Resurgence [Full Stream - Official]

Horna (Finland) has dedicated itself to the occult black metal since 1993/1994 and the band has the discography that is massive. Metal Archives lists more than 40 titles. Below you will find the band's most recent recording and some basic information about the band, one of the most highly regarded bands in the genre for decades.
OFFICIAL: Legion Horna was born in the year of 1993 through the diabolic union of Shatraug and Moredhel. In 1994 Horna was joined by drummer Gorthaur and first demo “Varjoissa” was created in 1995. After two more or less successful live appearances during spring 1996 Nazgul joined the congregation on vocals leading the way to recording of “Hiidentorni” which eventually became Horna’s debut album. Following albums “Kohti Yhdeksän Nousua”, “Haudankylmyyden Mailla”, “Perimä Vihassa ja Verikostossa” and “Sudentaival” were made with the same line-up, not to forget EP releases of the same years, until Nazgul left the band through transition to become Satanic Warmaster.
In 2002 Horna was joined by new vocalist Corvus who remained one of the leading forces of the band for nearly a decade, being part of all the albums through the years along with Shatraug, when some of the more permanent members were not part of all recording sessions. Since 2002 Horna also became a dominant force with live desecrations all over the world, having raided the continents with European and North-American tours. Despite many line-up changes Horna has always remained strong under the guidance of the only remaining original member Shatraug.
Through-out the years the lyrics of Horna ventured from harsh anti-christian hatred, paganism and fairytales to severe exaltations of the occult, the mysteries of the dark side of mankind and Satanism - from youthful outbursts of anger to ever more maturing inner enlightenment.
In 2010 the ever-changing line-up had another turmoil with Corvus leaving the band and the previously joined session vocalist Spellgoth took over. In 2012 our long-time live bassist Qraken decided to focus on his own bands and Hex Inferi was recruited. Through the years nothing has stopped us and there is no end to predict yet either.
Horna - Atavistic Resurgence [Full Stream - Official]

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