Thursday, August 4, 2016

Grey (Seattle)

Grey was a doom band from Seattle, with a demo in 2005 and an album in 2008. Grey takes the sound of 70s Black Sabbath and slows it down to funeral doom levels, while at the same time taking on full-on growled vocals. In the sphere of funeral doom Grey is the sound of slow heaviness interpreted for the passage of time in a different dimension. Melodies are practically extinct and any feeling of cheerful positivity might be very difficult to find, unless we are talking about the doom fanatics. Grey is not easy music and it is not for the casual listeners or bystanders. They demand doom fanaticism or nothing. When people talk about this music, they usually make references to hopelessness, desperation and misery and other such descriptions, which are fine and alright, but you have to wonder, though: Is that true? Probably not for the band and not for the dedicated listeners who enjoy Grey. The ones that understand the music, they know about that something, that something else beyond the descriptive sadness.
Is this band really finished?! That's what their supporters want to know!
Regardless of what happens in the future, their name is already in the book of heavy metal with their 2008 album Sisters of the Wyrd. Below is the information according to Metal Archives. YouTube has the album available and below is the link.
1.At Night 13:06
2.Taker of Souls 05:56
3.Sacrifice at Glastonbury Tor 10:24
4.Fields of Grey 12:02
5.Wither (13 cover) 06:22
total time 47:50
Grey - Sisters of the Wyrd (2008) Full Album

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