Saturday, August 13, 2016

Kömmand (from Washington state)

Album Preview 2016
You don't have to ask them twice, Kömmand never tires of saying it: modern metal sucks! Whatever happened to when bands sounded like Destruction did in 1984's Sentence of Death and early Hellhammer/Celtic Frost? Well, this band from the state of Washington, U.S. is going to take you back to a time before thrash, death and black metal, to a time when it was all one and the same thing! By the way, these Washingtonians have something to tell you about how drums in extreme metal sound like toy drums or plastic kid drums. I'll give you a hint: Kömmand hates computerized drums! When the lunatics from Kömmand find themselves in Seattle they feel disgusted with 99.999999999999999999999999999999999% of metalheads and their short, funny-looking, windswept or hipsters hair and all the Pantera, flannel and Whitechapel-like band shirts that they see in Seattle.
What else do they hate? Well, they hate you, for one thing. They hate each other and can barely talk to each other to make songs together. They hate reviewers and zines and their smug attitude about stoner drone doom indie rock Pantera-Creed postgrunge tree-hugging emo hipsters politically correct so-called metal that people call metal in the Pacific Northwest.
They love old raw metal and just in case it was not clear before, this is what they themselves have to say to you: "Conjured from the ashes of various fake/trendy projects, Kömmand reared it's ugly umlauts in December of 2013 to crush the weak and shred eardrums like hymens. There are altogether too many 'nice' bands out there killing metal, but... old ways can't be killed so easily. Stop triggering drums. This is metal, not a typewriting class. Black/Thrash metal firmly rooted in the style of the old ways."
You see? Those are the values of Kömmand and no, they do not want to come to your house for dinner, stop asking them! "Black is the night metal we fight. Power amps set to explode. Energy screams magic and dreams. Satan records their first note. We chime the bell chaos in hell. Metal for maniacs pure. Fast melting steel fortune on wheels. Brain haemorrhage is the cure...Lay down your soul to the gods rock `n' roll!"
Listen to their recording at the link below. "Fight, we will fight right, Living low in a world of our own!"

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