Thursday, August 18, 2016

Burning Black: melodic/traditional heavy metal from Italy

Active for more than a decade, Italy's Burning Black has at least six recordings, including three albums and 1 EP. Those looking for a more melodic and catchy form of metal that is ear-friendly might be interested in this band. Below is some official information about the band and also a track for hear.
OFFICIAL: 2004, BURNING BLACK were born. They begin to draw the attention of the worldwide Metal underground, after the release of their two demo CDs "Smell The Fire" and "Fight To Dream". The demos are the perfect door openers: very soon, the band has a record contract for their first album titled "Prisoners Of Steel", an epitome of uncompromising Heavy Metal.
Every day they receive great and positive reviews. They are honored to tour with national and international acts, playing with Volbeat, U.D.O., Primal Fear, Bonfire, Rage, Circle To Circle, etc (just to name a few).
Besides all these gigs, they record some demos for the second album proving their skills in songwriting and arrangements. In their new work they include fresh elements with more rough & tough sounds than before.
For this album called “Mechanic Hell”, they sign with the German Label “Limb Music” and, as soon as it is released, immediately doubles the sales of his predecessor. A big reward arrives when the legendary American producer Beau Hill (B. Dylan, E. Clapton, A. Cooper, Europe, Warrant etc.), after hearing the song “Purgatory Child”, contacts the band to do a remix. It becomes the first single taken from the album.
BURNING BLACK start to spread their name in the Usa: the song “Secrets To Hide” receives a nomination for “Best Metal Song 2010” at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards, moreover, Rockgamer Studios remixes the song and includes it in the expansions of the “Rock Band” videogame. “Purgatory Child” gets nominated at the Usa Indie Music Fest and then again as “Best Metal Song 2011” at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards.
BURNING BLACK, after a headliner tour in Italy, Austria, Slowakia and Hungary, are confirmed as the opening band for the European tour of the Finnish monster rockers Lordi.
The tour hits Italy, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, France and Spain, and it gives to the band the chance to play in bigger venues than ever in front of sold out crowds.
Their third album titled "Remission Of Sin" will be released within the end of Spring 2014 and the band is now scheduling a worldwide tour, including European and Usa gigs.
BURNING BLACK - Flag Of Rock - official video

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