Saturday, August 20, 2016

Al Joseph

Al Joseph is a prog/shred guitarist from the United States. Al's music is unapologetically guitar-oriented with emphasis on melody within the framework of prog instrumental songs. He has recorded an album called Out in the Open and has worked with various musicians, in addition to doing guitar instruction videos. The first link listed below has several songs that you can hear and get a good idea of Al's work. This artist is for those into serious guitar virtuoso playing, prog and shredding.
OFFICIAL: Al Joseph was born in 1987 on Highland Park, IL and was raised in Scranton, PA. His musical journey started young, playing drums from 10 years old. However, his passion for the guitar soon took over and a year or so later he laid down his sticks and started his guitar-led journey! ​
After earning a prestigious spot on "Jam Track Central's" artist roster in 2013, Al has proven to be one of the worlds most exciting new virtuosos to hit the scene to date. Now a proud Alumni of Berklee College Of Music, Al presses on to an already promising career as guitar player, composer, songwriter, and producer. Expect to see more exciting things over the coming years.
You can expect to hear the lyrical texture of legendary artists such as Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, Andy Timmons, and Greg Howe. As far as songwriting goes Al has a never- ending list of influences in his arsenal. From bands like Creed, Rage Against The Machine, P.O.D, to Pillar, Pantera, Sevendust, and many more. If you can dig on any of the above, then get ready to add another artist to your list. ​
"Out In The Open” is Al's debut solo instrumental record which was re-released through JTC Records in 2015. It's a story of emotion, new beginnings, unknowns, and all the new challenges Al has faced throughout his life. Let's not forget about an hour’s worth of world class shredding as well. If you enjoy the workings of guitar legends Joe Satriani and Andy Timmons, look no further. This record has it all wrapped up in a nice basket for you with some jazz-fusion elements as well. “Out In the Open” is a wild ride for sure!
The Al Joseph Group
After earning a prestigious spot on "Jam Track Central's" artist roster in 2013, Al Joseph released his debut solo record "Out In The Open". This EP has proven to be a hit with fans all over the globe and now The Al Joseph Group plans to go into the studio and track this record together!
The AGJ group plans to release "Out In The Open - Reprise" by the end of the year, just in time for the Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA.
Al Joseph has already recorded an entire album with many other successful artists such as Guthrie Govan (The Aristocrats), Marco Sfogli (James LeBrie), Andy James, Martin Miller, and Jack Thammarat to name a few. If AJG's goals are met, you will also put them on the road with these world renown virtuosos as well.
Al Joseph 'The Shores Of Cybertron' at

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