Saturday, November 9, 2013

Skeletonwitch (U.S.): “Serpents Unleashed” (Prosthetic Records)

Skeletonwitch (U.S.): “Serpents Unleashed” (Prosthetic Records)
The melodic black thrashings of Skeletonwitch abate not, and unknowing of sea changes or directions of the winds. Thrash riffs, black metal leanings, shriek vocals, speedy always, blasting often, and on-mark energy songwriting. To my ears, Skeletonwitch delivers quality once again, and this time with some surprises. The biggest one this time around, I’d say, is the dedication spent on more memorable guitar soloing and melodies; and on that score, the band registers a solid success. Those traditional heavy metal melodies are showing their presence in the midst of the big thrashing riffs and the black metal tendencies. All of this makes Skeletonwitch a most interesting, well-organized puzzle of metal periodization, all condensed into their signature structures.
Whenever a band goes beyond the novelty aspect or when the “new band” shine wears off, then we can start to see what we have: a band to forget or remember? Well, five albums since 2004, that’s no one-and-done deal. Metallers who have not given a chance to Skeletonwitch certainly should do so now as the ship sailed a long time ago, but it’s not too late to find out what you have been missing.
What does this band have to do for you to give them a chance: show up at your door and play your backyard vegan barbecue party?

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