Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Nephren-Ka (France): "The Fall of Omnius” (Kaotoxin Rec.)

Nephren-Ka (France): "The Fall of Omnius” (Kaotoxin Rec.)
Nephren-Ka will fit perfectly in the section of your music library right next to Origin, Obscura, Decrepit Birth and Necrophagist and other technical/blasting bands.
Bedazzled and frazzled, bewildering and staggering, it is all the grand plan of Nephren-Ka. Absurdly fast, monstrously technical, abhorrently dexterous. When George from Cannibal Corpse hears this band, he will immediately launch into a 20-minute windmill headbanging marathon. Upon hearing these sounds, the whole town of zombies will run away. That’s right, zombies, run away, run far away, confused zombies can’t hang with the technicality and bruuhuutahaleetee.
Beat those drums, bite the microphone and eat your guitar. Nephren-Ka plays at warp speed and slows down to play faster again.
Is this melodic and easy to remember? Of course not! That’s not the deal! The deal is to overwhelm with technicality, speed and an endless stream of growling that lasts until the goats come marching home.
I have listened to this album so many times now that I feel like my ears are finally starting to understand this monolith. The monolith is not beyond comprehension, after all. www.facebook.com/pages/Nephren-Ka/134665519892369

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