Saturday, December 21, 2019

interview: Eighty One Hundred

Eighty One Hundred is Italian traditional heavy metal from Naples. Their debut is called Heaven in Flames and will be out in January 2020. This publication sent out questions to the band to find out more about the music. Below is the exchange.
Please tell us about band: the name and the members.
That’s me, Screamer, singer. Mr. White, on the lead guitar. Taker, on the rhythm guitar. Doc, on the bass guitar. Thunder on drums.
We were born in 2016. This is a new band. Each one of us had his background in underground music scene. We used to play in several underground HM bands such as Endless Scream, Black Inside, HeavenInShine, The Boorish.
E1H has several meanings: Literally it is the zip code of Naples (80100). The real meaning has to be searched in a system that wasted and turned our land in a colony and that won't let us emerge.
How is Naples for heavy metal music? Do you plan to tour in Italy and Europe (especially Germany)?
There are amazing Neapolitan HM bands, but sadly all of us have to play outside Naples or our region, especially in Northern Italy (such as Florence, Milan...). We have played around Italy across 2018/2019. We performed about thirty gigs. Honestly, we want to focus on countries where heavy metal is more considered than in Italy, such as Germany, Poland, USA. In Italy it’s very complicated to go out with our music. We don’t know if the Germany fans know about us, but we hope so and it would be very nice to play there.
What bands inspired your music?
Our music draws inspiration by classic heavy metal bands such as Iron Maiden, Helloween, Queensryche, Metal Church, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, but we don’t want to forget band such as Rammstein, Symphony X, Nevermore. I’m trying to have my own sing style, but it’s undeniable for me to be inspired by Bruce Dickinson, Geoff Tate, Michael Kiske and Devin Townsend.
Is “Power of Revolution” a political song?
It has not to be considered a violent song. It’s a song dedicated to all that people tired to be enslaved by this conformist society.
Is “Mater Gaia” about the environment?
You’re right on the environment. We are living in a devastated and polluted world, especially in our land. We are sick of it. In the middle of the song, there is a speech by Severn Cullis-Suzuki when she was just thirteen about the nature who impressed us a lot.
What types of situations apply to the song “Heaven in Flames,” in your experience?
Living in a city denigrated by people that think it is dirt, violent and full of Camorra [crime syndicates]. These stuffs exist, but there is more. When something of good pops up it is immediately choked in our land. We may be not saints, but we are no devils either.
You have good melodies. Is there a method to the madness?!
Those melodies that give us creeps. 😊. We don’t have any patterns or rules to follow at the very first stage. Usually I come with a vocal melody or someone proposes a new riff. Than we work on it and, after several hearing, we may change everything if the song is not valid for us.
The album is actually from 2018. Is there a second album planned?
Both things. We are preparing a “melting” album and bring either the debut and the new one on the stage on 2020.
What do you want new fans to know about your band?
Our dream is to bring our music all around the world. For any bands, I guess, coming to USA is a dream. We’ve grown up with Bay Area influence and the Sunset Boulevard myth.
Where can we hear your music?
You can hear and buy our music on our social channels and our website or buying Heaven In Flames on Pure Steel Records web store.
YouTube Channel:
Thanks to you for this chance to hear us out. Stay Rage. Stay E1H.

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