Friday, December 6, 2019

GREYHAWK in Everett on December 1st

Here are some pictures of the traditional heavy metal band Greyhawk (Washington State, U.S.) live in Everett on the 1st of December, 2019, opening for Iron Kingdom (Canada).
Greyhawk announced onstage that they are working a new album and they performed some new music, including a new song called "Drop the Hammer." Of course, they also performed songs from their debut EP "Ride Out." Their performance was good and also entertaining, and if fans of traditional heavy metal get a chance to see them, it's worth the time to see the shredding and the bombastic, strong singing in person.
After the performance, the bassist Darin and the lead guitarist Jesse told this publication that they have already begun recording the new music and they have some four more songs, or so, to go, but that, at any rate, the process is well underway since October. They also explained that they are recording by doing it the old-school way of recording full songs, not bit by bit. As Darin explained, this means that if there is an error in the song, it's necessary to start all over again. They are excited about recording this way because they believe that the hard work will show in the music.

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