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NEWS: Hypnos

by MMB
The long-running and prestigious extreme metal act Hypnos (Czech Republic) at long last has made its return with a new effort called The Whitecrow on the respected label Einheit Produktionen (Germany). The Whitecrow follows the band's previous work from 2012 called Heretic Commando. The new title finds the band working with experience within the general realm of death metal while creating its unique form of music, and avoiding musical clichés. The album is a good balance of music that is not overly melodic, that is a bit dissonant, but also still very much recognizable as metal with a song-centered approach. Some passages are memorable, yet in other segments the band invites the listener to come back and inquire more within. If this band wanted, they could easily make formulaic songs of death metal brutality and speed, and they easily have the credentials to prove that they can and have done that in the past. There is plenty of speed and heaviness on the new album. That's normal for Hypnos. However, attentive listeners will also find a band utilizing its years of experience to make an album of which they can be proud in terms of songs and creativity.
The Whitecrow
release date: March 24th, 2017
label: Einheit Produktionen
OFFICIAL: Death Metal commando HYPNOS was founded in the autumn of 1999 from the remnants of the famous Czech band KRABATHOR (est. 1984). The band became the country's leading Death Metal band after four albums and several EPs. HYPNOS have played more than 300 shows all over Europe, among them the WFF and the Brutal Assault also touring alongside BEHEMOTH, MORBID ANGEL, ENSLAVED, DYING FETUS and THE CROWN.
“The Whitecrow“ was recorded by Børge FINSTAD (MAYHEM, IHSAHN, ARCTURUS) again. Christopher (Krabathor), Paul Speckmann (Master), V. Santura (Dark Fortress, Triptykon), Martin Missy (Protector) contributed to the album as guests. Musicologists & press are enthusiastic. The album will be available March 24th 2017 as a Digi-CD+DVD (incl. 3 video clips and a 70 minutes live show) limited to 1.000 copies as well as a standard jewel case CD with a great 28-page booklet, as vinyl & digital.
Few press and musician´s quotes:
“Be prepared for The Dark Side of HYPNOS - the one you have not got a chance to explore yet.“ (Ashok) Cradle Of Filth
“The Whitecrow rises upon the grounds of classic metal but rumbles with an ominous presence of rage and fury that captured me. The title track is truly a brilliant song that eventually will hunt you down. Check it out!” (Øystein Brun) Borknagar
“Hypnos rejuvenated their sound – the result sounds darker, more morbid and intense than ever before, still not losing any class, on the contrary. "The Whitecrow" is a strong record with a long shelf-life.” (Frank Albrecht) Deaf Forever
OFFICIAL: Czech death metal band HYPNOS was founded in 1999 by former members of another death band KRABATHOR, BRUNO (bass/vocals) and PEGAS (drums). Having signed with German label Morbid Records in 2000, the self-titled MCD got released, followed by the debut full-length ‘In Blood We Trust’ the same year, featuring Mika Luttinen / IMPALED NAZARENE as a guest vocalist. The release was promoted during the NO MERCY FESTIVALS over Europe alongside MORBID ANGEL, DYING FETUS, BEHEMOTH, ENSLAVED and THE CROWN.
In 2001, the 2nd album "The Revenge Ride", produced by Harris JOHNS (HELLOWEEN, SODOM, KREATOR, or VOIVOD), was released. HYPNOS participated in events including WITH FULL FORCE, SUMMER BREEZE, PARTY-SAN and HELL ON EARTH among others. The 3rd album "Rabble Manifesto" (2005), recorded again with Harris JOHNS, got nominated for the Czech “Anděl” Award (a Grammy Award equivalent) under the Hard and Heavy category. In January 2006 HYPNOS toured with CENTINEX and PURGATORY. The EP "Halfway To Hell" was released in the 2010 and the band performed at the BRUTAL ASSAULT Fest (CZ) followed by three shows with NAPALM DEATH. Hypnos signed with the German label Einheit Produktionen, and the 4th album entitled "Heretic Commando / Rise Of The New Antikrist" saw the light in 2012. Recording duties were handled by the Norwegian sound engineer Børge FINSTAD, who worked with bands as MAYHEM, BORKNAGAR, ARCTURUS or ULVER. HYPNOS shot a video for the track ‘Inverted’, directed by Mejla BASEL, responsible for MACHINE HEAD ‘Darkness Within’ and the Czech “Oscar” Academy Award winner MARKETA IRGLOVA videos. In 2012, HYPNOS first toured with NAPALM DEATH and later with VADER.
In spring of 2014 HYPNOS supported Swedish AMON AMARTH on their East European tour. Later that year Mystic Production published BRUNO´s life-story book entitled "Revoltikon" which got sold out all 666 pieces in three months. BRUNO and PEGAS also teamed up with CHRISTOPHER from KRABATHOR to perform a reunion gig at the BRUTAL ASSAULT FESTIVAL. The success of this show resulted in a short tour over Czech and Slovakia in March 2015. The complete set recorded at the sold-out show in the band´s hometown of Uherské Hradiště was released in 2015 via MYSTIC PROD as a three-disc CD/DVD entitled "Rebirth Of Brutality".
During 2016 HYPNOS was occupied with recording their fifth full length album entitled "The Whitecrow" with Børge FINSTAD behind the desk again. The album, released 24.3.2017 by Einheit Produktionen, contains a few guest appearances as for example Christopher (KRABATHOR), Martin Missy (PROTECTOR), Paul Speckmann (MASTER) or V. SANTURA (TRIPTYKON, DARK FORTRESS).
Over the years the band has played over 350 shows in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, France, Holland, Belgium and Italy with bands such as Amon Amarth, Morbid Angel, Behemoth, Macabre, Enslaved, Vader, Napalm Death, Dying Fetus, Morgoth, or Pungent Stench.
DEMO(n)S (Retrospektive CD 2004, METAL AGE)
current line-up:
BRUNO (bass / vocals)
PEGAS (drums)
VLASA (guitar since 2010)
CANNI (guitar since 2014)

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