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interview: After the Fallout

[interview by MMB]
After the Fallout is extreme metal from the state of Washington, U.S. This publication caught up with the band in anticipation of their upcoming appearance on the 24th of June at Tony V’s in Everett. Allen (guitars) explains the band’s plans.
Can you give us an update on the band’s new recording? Online it says that there will be new music in 2017.
We were actually in pre-production when we ran into problems, caused by changing work schedules as well as some unforeseen health issues. We're still dealing with some of this, and have underwent a change in the bass dept as Daren Weaser is stepping away from music at this time. Adam Vosler, formerly of Spare Me Poseidon, well known in the local scene, will be taking the reins on bass going forward. We still have plans to record in 2017, but we'll have to take it step by step for now.
There are three After the Fallout upcoming shows. June 23 in Tacoma, June 24 in Everett and July 15 in Fife. Will there be more shows or will you be too busy recording?
The music we're going to be recording is written and tight. These shows are some of the best ones to catch us at for now, but there will be more on the calendar before too long. Once we get in the studio, it won’t take long to record, so l don't foresee any major down time in conjunction with that. We'll be taking a break in December around the holidays.
I know your songs from 2010, like “Destruction of a Relic,” “Mindless Reaction,” and “Genocide” that you have online. Has there been no new music since 2010, as Metal Archives says?
In late 2011, after more than a year of playing shows, I (Allen), had to step away due to some severe tendonitis. It was very painful to play and I needed to rest my arm and heal. Richard Chambliss, (Convergence), a great friend and guitarist, stepped in to help handle guitar duties along with long time ATF guitarist Robert Hansen. Around this time, original vocalist Shannon Higgason stepped away from ATF, and Joel Fortenberry (ex: When Odin Falls) took over for a time.
About 8 months later, ATF drummer Jason Northover also played in Spare Me Poseidon where he met bassist Adam Vosler. It was at this time that ATF went on hiatus completely. We started talking about firing it back up in 2014. We auditioned vocalists, and the slot was won by Erik Trajik (formerly of We Fight Like Lions). Our first show back was February of 2015 opening for Tony MacAlpine at Studio 7 in Seattle. It was non-stop shows for 18 months after that, opening for bands such as Trivium, Soilwork, Soulfly, Warbringer, Unearth, Wovenwar, and Chelsie Grin. We did record one new track in with our relaunch 2015. “Lambs Become Lions”. It still receives airplay on 99.9 KISW Seattle.
Have you thought about your music now in 2017 in comparison with your songs from 2010, in terms of style? Where are your heads in 2017 in terms of the music that excites you in comparison with 2010?
Robert and I are the original guitarists, but the music has matured a bit. All of us are better players now and the music has definitely gotten stronger material wise. Heavier for sure, but still sounds like ATF. Erik Trajik came aboard in 2014.
Our focus remains the same. Our influences are the same as what they were when we started. Melody probably plays a larger role now, but if anything the music is heavier with more technicality. We look forward to recording it so all will be able to enjoy it!
You have a substantial list of bands that you shared the stage with. Was this a particular period or have you been playing shows throughout the years?
It's been throughout the years. We started off playing with nationals, (opening for Nevermore was our first show in 2010), but some of the biggest shows we've played were in 2016. We live to play live.
Is there anything else that you would like to mention?
Only that we appreciate the opportunity to tell people what’s going on with us. Please come out and bang your head at an ATF show soon near you. Like us on Facebook and request us on Metal Shop on 99.9 KISW Seattle, (streamable anywhere)
I have never seen your band live, but I’m hoping to rectify this situation soon in June. Thanks for your time!
You're very welcome! Thanks for approaching me! Looking forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming shows!
Allen (Attila)
After The Fallout

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