Wednesday, June 21, 2017

free metal music: Moribund Scum

Moribund Scum is thrash from Germany. Back in 2013 they did a demo, but they have a more recent recording called Into the Void. It is a free recording at Bandcamp. They have recorded a serious album of honest thrash. The music is relatively raw because this is meant to sound like real music played by people, not computers. The band prefers to call themselves metalpunks and the music is thrash with semi-growled and crust vocals and songs for headbanging. Listen to the complete album and download it at the first link below.
Moribund Scum
Into the Void
release date: January 23rd, 2016
label: independent
1.Faint 02:12
2.Away 04:07
3.Join the Cult 04:13
4.Fools Theater 03:12
5.Into the Void 04:35
6.Compulsion 06:54
7.Wundgelebt 04:10
8.Binary 07:34
total time 36:57

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