Wednesday, June 21, 2017

free metal music: Demon Hammer

Demon Hammer is black thrash from California, U.S. This EP is a very good indication of the band’s style: emphasis on thrashy riffs and black metal vocals. The recording quality sounds good and appropriate for the genre. The quality of the band looks good and the EP is a reason for black thrash fanatics to search this band. If a thrasher looks at the song list below, you might notice the title of the fifth song and you’d be right. It is a cover taken from Destruction’s 1985 album Infernal Overkill. It’s a good cover, of course. The cover also shows you where the heart of these Californians is. They have it in the right place.
Demon Hammer
Throne of Chaos
release date: October 24th, 2016
label: independent
1.Trance Meditation 03:46
2.Opposition to the Cross 04:29
3.Enforce the Code 04:54
4.Legions of Belial 05:08
5.Bestial Invasion 04:24
total time 22:41

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