Thursday, April 13, 2017

NEWS: Irony Destroyed

The metalcore band Irony Destroyed (Kenya) now has its debut EP ready for listening and it is called Strife to Legacy and it is now available on YouTube, Bandcamp and other places. Perhaps it took longer than the band expected, but the music is finally here and that’s something to celebrate. Check it out at the link below.
BIO: Irony Destroyed was formed in 2012 by Nelson “Ecclesiastes” Musyoka. Still young and in high school but that did not stop him from forming a hard-hitting metal band. He wrote some songs and met up with three of his friends to make all their dreams come true.
They played and practiced some covers and recorded two tracks namely, “Think Twice, if Possible Thrice” and, “Sun as a Home” in 2013 when everyone was through with high school. That was until when the members of the band left to continue with their further studies. By then, Irony Destroyed (Earlier) had only recorded two songs in their practice room (On a laptop).
In 2014, Nelson found the Lead guitarist, Lenny Kiano on Irony Destroyed’s Facebook page and boy could he shred. Had some awesome riffs, he was definitely going to be the lead guitarist. Lenny then became in charge of the band and recruiting new members when Nelson left to study as well.

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