Monday, April 24, 2017

Entity of Hate

Entity of Hate
Cursed for Eternity
released date: January 20th, 2017
Entity of Hate’s four-song EP is melodic, atmospheric extreme metal, perhaps mostly coming across as black metal, but not strictly so, given that there is a substantial amount of guitar-centered shred melodies. The EP results in a teaser, more than anything, something that would leave the listener wanting more. The EP creates the notion that there should be a full-length album on the way if we are going to get a better picture of Entity of Hate’s music. On the other hand, the EP is a good way to create anticipation for more.
OFFICIAL: Member of the well acclaimed atmospheric black metal band DIABOLUS ARCANIUM has started a new band called ENTITY OF HATE. The music is black/death metal this time around and is much faster and more intense while being suitably atmospheric. 'Cursed for Eternity' is the band's debut, featuring four intricately composed tracks. They are looking forward to setting new standards for this kind of music in India with this offering. It's unique in its own way, enthusiastic and holds a lot of promise. Check it out if you're into black/death metal with a melodic flourish and an eerie vibe.
Attempting to explore brand new realms, the newly-renamed Indian atmospheric black/death metallers Entity of Hate have come together from the previous efforts released as Diabolus Arcanium to offer faster, more intense efforts while still staying true to the atmospheric ideals. Starting out with their own voice, the groups’ first release under this banner was self-released January 17, 2017.
Taking a harder-hitting approach than their previous moniker, the group is quite adept at their fiery and melodic brand of blackened death metal. Efforts like the title track and “Lovers and Prey” fire off plenty of swirling tremolo rhythms with a furious singeing charge, it gives this the kind of explosive main rhythm that allows for both atmosphere and melody to run rampant throughout here. Alongside the melodic fervor attempted here, the bands’ steady and simplified tempos keep this one pretty straightforward, letting the tremolo-picked riffing take center stage in the album which makes this one rather fun for the most part. They’re atmospheric, melodic and still retain a fiery edge, making for a wholly enjoyable offering here. There’s just not a whole lot really here, as the three originals are pretty straightforward and the finale is an instrumental cover of a video game song. There’s just not a whole lot else to this one.
Without a whole lot of differences with this one and not nearly enough time to really get into it other than on the surface quality, there’s plenty to like here for fans of the bands’ previous moniker or this style of melodic atmospheric-heavy death metal who don’t mind the brevity.
track list:
1.Cursed For Eternity 03:40
2.Lovers & Prey 04:29
3.Heart Shaped Dagger 03:53
4.Bloody Tears (Castlevania) 02:22

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