Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Arcane Existence (U.S.)

Arcane Existence (U.S.) is an ambitious studio project in the field of symphonic progressive extreme metal. This entity is made up of Kiera Pietrangelo and she takes care of the instrumentation. Eligio Tapia does the extreme metal vocals and Jamie Fong does the melodic singing. The complete 2017 debut album is available for listening at Bandcamp at the first link below.
Arcane Existence (U.S.)
The Dark Curse
release date: January 6th, 2017
label: independent
OFFICIAL: Incorporating elements of symphonic black metal, melodic death metal and the thematic feeling of orchestrations from Once Upon A Time, the songs on 'The Dark Curse' are meant to convey feelings brought about from familiar sounding instruments and pieces from the show while still containing pure emotion for both fans of the show and everyone else. Future releases will have different themes! Arcane Existence is currently a studio project.
1.Welcome to Storybrooke 03:03
2.The Dark One 04:34
3.Reshaping History 04:31
4.Magic 04:52
5.Bleeding Through 04:04
6.Somnumbra Atra 04:52
7.A Land Without Magic 03:30
8.Excalibur 06:20
9.To the Underworld 08:13
10.The Dark One (Dungeon Delver Edition) 04:33
total time 48:32

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