Monday, January 12, 2015

the traditional heavy metal of Space Vacation (U.S.)

Space Vacation (U.S.): Cosmic Vanguard (Pure Steel Records)
Traditional heavy metal band Space Vacation must have had it up to here with all the talk about “less is more.” Two-note guitar playing is not a virtue. More talent is better; better riffs is better; greater creativity is better; more talent is more; more is more. Space Vacation tells us something by naming the first song “More is more” in which they criticize the the notion that “less is more.”
Space Vacation is about singing, riffs, solos, hooks, melodies and catchy songs. Space Vacation wants to know whatever happened to rocking out like Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden and Scorpions? Remember when heavy metal was young and fun? Now bands seem more interested showing how “angry” they are. Does nobody want to rock out anymore? Space Vacation wants to know.
If you like the idea of a band dedicating time to learning how to play guitar, to devoting time to solos and riffs, to a singer that wants to sing well and sound good, to having metal songs that you can remember after the music stops playing, then consider Space Vacation, for whom talent, skill, dedication, creativity and memorable songs are important things.
Space Vacation 'Rolling Thunder' Official Music Video HD 2014

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