Thursday, January 15, 2015

the heavy metal of WRETCH (U.S.)

Wretch: Warriors (Pure Steel Records)
Wretch embodies traditional heavy metal and represents what heavy metal lifers are about. Supporters of this style know that a band like Wretch will never be the darling of the metal media. Wretch does not wear attention-seeking gimmicky clothing; they don't wear masks or makeup to impress the impressionable people and the sensationalist, gossip-driven mud-slinging metal publications.
Why do people listen to Wretch? The fundamental reason is because you like traditional heavy metal played by grownups. Maybe you’ve had enough of the nonsense and tomfoolery of the gossip in metal, of the fashion games, of the constant dirty-laundry self-prostitution and trend-jumping that metal bands do.
Wretch plays music out of love for metal. Wretch is headbanging metal with hooks. Every song sounds like the band has worked on it to make it meet the album’s standards of quality. Maybe you like bands like Savatage and Armored Saint? Perhaps you’re into Jag Panzer and the latter-day Metal Church sounds? It could be that you follow traditional metal from Europe and other places where these sounds are more appreciated. Whatever it is, Wretch is a traditional heavy metal band from the state of Ohio, U.S. and this band plays its heart out on the album. Expect non-poppy/non-happy uptempo/midtempo grit/street heavy metal.

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