Friday, January 9, 2015

metal from Washington state: Blood and Thunder

Blood and Thunder
Blood and Thunder is a band from Everett/Seattle and they are “symphonic melodic death metal.” Their most recent album is “A Reality in Ruins” from 2013. They also have an EP from 2009, an album called “Dawning of the Ancients” from 2011 and another EP from 2012. Blood and Thunder forges shredding-and keyboards metal with neoclassical metal, with growled vocals (black-ish shrieking) and speedy songs. The band’s music shows that they believe that metal guitar players should have ability and imagination so that each song has an identity. The band names Wintersun and Kalmah, amongst others, as influences, which means an emphasis on quality.
Blood And Thunder - Enthroned In Ice (lyrics) [HD]

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