Sunday, January 4, 2015

Metal Bulletin Zine is on Twitter

To friends on Twitter,
Thanks for following Metal Bulletin Zine.
Metal Bulletin Zine follows metal bands, primarily heavy/power/prog/doom/folk/black/thrash/death, generally speaking. Metal Bulletin Zine does not generally follow individual musicians/metallers/listeners who post lots of personal thoughts about shoes, coffee, the weather, and the like.
Feel fee to unfollow Metal Bulletin Zine at any time. No offense taken.
If you follow Metal Bulletin Zine you have noticed that the zine does quite a bit of posting about metal music. Some people do not like that. Again, feel free to unfollow. No problem.
Metal Bulletin Zine is in the process of limiting and unfollowing individuals who post all sorts of non-metal music related things.
If you find that Metal Bulletin Zine unfollows you, feel fee to unfollow the zine if you are offended.
If you are an individual musician in a metal band and you do lots of posting about the weather, shopping, baked goods, pets and the like, Metal Bulletin Zine will generally not follow you for the reasons stated above. If you have a band on Twitter, on the other hand, the zine will generally follow metal bands.
Thank you and have a nice day.

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