Wednesday, June 18, 2014

they thought it was a goner, but the black metal came back the very next day: BEHEXEN (Finland)

Once again the year has changed, which means that exactly 20 years ago Behexen took physical form and first rehearsals were done with Torog, Horns and Reaper in the Diabolical year of 1994. The world has changed but the black sulphurous fire that burns in our hearts is stronger and hungrier than ever and because of this, in this year 2014 it is time to feed that furnace of Moloch more and more earnestly than ever before. The greatest sacrifice that we can give in this anniversary by being the instrument of our Lord, is the new album! The process is underway, and the formula starts to be visible but not ready. We will continue to work with it and hope that it will be completed in late 2014. Before that, during this year, we will be offering various items which bear our name, Behexen. We are going to do live-conjurations as well in and outside of Europe."
Eternal Realm Demo 1997 
Blessed Be the Darkness Demo 1998
Rituale Satanum Full-length 2000
By the Blessing of Satan Full-length 2004
Horna / Behexen Split 2004 3 (93%)
From the Devil's Chalice EP 2008
My Soul for His Glory Full-length 2008
Behexen / Satanic Warmaster Split 2008
Nightside Emanations Full-length 2012
Behexen - By the Blessing of Satan (Full Album)

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