Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Axegressor: Last (Listenable Records Release: 24 June 2014)

Listenable Records
Release: 24 June 2014
AXEGRESSOR was formed in 2006 in Finland and have always been heavily influenced by early thrash metal aesthetics and classics like 'Bonded by Blood', 'Endless pain', 'Kill em all', 'Infernal Overkill' . All band members have been listening to such authentic thrash metal since their early teens (remember the times before internet or even cell phones?) and gained a lot of experience in other metal bands for 10-15 years.
AXEGRESSOR grew in popularity opening a variety of foreign bands in Finland such as Dark Tranquillity, Legion of the Damned, Onslaught, Soilwork, Municipal Waste among others. The band was even chosen among 140 demo bands to play at the prestigious Inferno festival in Oslo. Rampaging festivals like Nummirock, Hammer Open air, Tuska Open Air, Finnish metal expo among many others, by all accounts, the band has become a furious proposition delivering crushing, slashing tracks of thrash metal intensity.
Admirable in their straight forward approach, AXEGRESSOR 's incisive guitars and scorching rhythms bring such conviction that you can't help but break your neck headbanging when listening to their incendiary new album' 'Last'. You've been warned !

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