Thursday, April 20, 2017

NEWS: Aggression

Friends into traditional, riff-centered, speed-focused thrash metal will want to spend some time listening to the complete album by the returning Canadian band Aggression. Their origins go all the way back to the middle of the 1980s when thrash was taking over the heavy metal music underground scenes in many places. It's no problem if you do not know who they are because there are hundreds and hundreds of 80s thrash bands that people have not heard. The important thing is that they got their act together, the fire was once again inside their bellies and brains and they managed to get back up for the thrash supporters of the world. They are back screaming about all sorts of violence and incorrigible behavior because apparently life and age has not taught them to grow up and start talking about the importance of recycling your plastics and telling you which capitalist politician to vote for, unlike some other thrash bands. Stay away from these old Canadians if you are easily offended. They are still a bunch of perverts who should be in jail but somehow have managed to deceive the Canadian authorities into allowing them to be free men in society. Boy, what a mistake that was! Just listen to the new album. Sick puppies. Warning: they have songs about bodily fluids. Double warning: bang your head!
Fragmented Spirit Devils
release date: November 10th, 2016
label: Xtreem Music
OFFICIAL: 3rd album, first one since '87 by this mythic canadian Thrash Metal featuring Brian Langley (ex-INFERNÄL MÄJESTY) on vocals and a little bit more Death Metal tinged approach while still retaining that main full raging Thrash Metal basis. Their sound swims in the same seas of bands like POSSESSED, DARK ANGEL, HELLWITCH, INFERNÄL MÄJESTY, MORBID SAINT.
OFFICIAL: Classic thrash metal band AGGRESSION from Canada have employed the services of Brian Langley of the legendary Canadian band INFERNAL MAJESTY to do vocals for their new album on Xtreem Music. AGGRESSION have been around since the 80s and have unfortunately remained unheralded over the decades, but Xtreem Music has stepped up to not only re-release their classic album 'The Full Treatment' but also put out their brand new one. This album retains the original charm and yet manages to sound relevant today. 'Fragmented Spirit Devils' sounds sufficiently vitriolic and juicy, something which the polished, sterile bands of today fail miserably to achieve. So dig into this fresh slab of old school thrash metal from the masters themselves.
OFFICIAL: Aggression was formed in the spring of 1985 (originally under the moniker "Asylum"), by the 2 guitar shredders Sasquatch and Burn. Rounding out the lineup was Botcher on vocals, Dug on Bass and Gate on drums. After a few demos they recorded "Forgotten Skeleton" in 1986. Unfortunately the album would not see a release until 2005. (Almost 20 years later!) After some lineup changes, Aggression recorded and released 1987's The Full Treatment. They received good reviews for there demos and The Full Treatment, and very quickly became one of the most popular metal bands in Quebec and Canada. Their concerts were sold out everywhere, and the fanbase grew from hundreds to thousands in no time. With his public relations expertise, their manager at the time (Johnny Hart) quickly made Aggression an household name. Other bands such as Metallica, Slayer, Exodus, Hallow's eve, Destruction and others all wanted to see the beast for themselves and meet Aggression while they were in Montreal. Playing numerous concerts with bands such as Anvil, Celtic Frost, Voïvod, Nuclear Assault, Agnostic Front, D.R.I., Possessed, Dark Angel, Crumbsuckers, Sacrifice and others. Due to certain members drug habits and bad decision making the band was all but dead in 1989.
Fast forward to 2005. The 1986 unreleased album Forgotten Skeleton gets released and see's the band reunite at Montreal Metal Massacre fest 2005. Unable to commit to anthing more than a few reunion shows it was decided that the band would be put to rest once more. Aggression's 30 year anniversary is looming. Could 2015 see the return of these Frozen Aggressors?

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