Tuesday, April 25, 2017

free metal music: Katabätika (Spain)

Here is a long EP that is free/name-your-price at Bandcamp by the "doom/gothic" metal band Katabätika from Spain. The band had been on hiatus recently, but that is about to change because they are once again on the way to action are planning to record their debut album. They are from the city of Barcelona and the began in 2008. Learn more about the band with the information below.
Falling into Deep Freezing
release date: April 6th, 2015
label: independent
Biography: Katabätika is a project that began in 2008 by the hand of Dani Domingo on bass and Dave on drums, with the idea of ​​creating a band of Dark Metal inspired by bands like Crematory, Paradise Lost, Type O Negative and others. Soon he joined Albert Palop project on guitars, creating the core group. Martí capellas on keyboards and Iker Zamarripa on vocals They bind to the formation. Due to personal reasons Dave and Iker have to leave the band and was replaced by Carlos Vidal on drums and vocals Dani Domingo responsible along with the bass. After several changes of formation and collaborations by Nati (Swarm) is incorporated to Daniel (Ravenblood) band, musical motifs Daniel has to leave the band. After a long search to find singer Tania finally enters the band, consolidating training, such training was the one that had more filming live. The band has done some work unfinished recording, but has shared the stage with Drakum, Human Carnage, Ravenblood, Display, Kauterion or The Bleeding Sun, walking the halls and festivals of the metal underground scene of Barcelona and surroundings.
After a musical break Dani Domingo decides to refound the band contacting Guille Pujol (Display), who had worked as a singer in several concerts. Then Dave co-founder of the band returned to the position of battery and finally completing the formation David Rebollo guitars.
Thus training with Dani on bass and vocals,Guille guitars and vocals ,Dave on drums and David on guitars is completed, thereby creating a more solid, dense, raw sound, adapting to the original idea of ​​the band. Currently Katabätika is in phase composition, recovering old songs, readapting the new sound and creating new songs for the band's return to the scene.
1.Blackened Smile 05:35
2.The Day That I've Changed 05:39
3.I Don't Feel My Way 05:29
4.Another Chance 06:49
5.Desert Sand 06:17
total time 29:49

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