Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Washington State: Cascadian Lightfall

Check out Cascadian Lightfall from Washington State, USA.
"Cascadian Lightfall is a solo project of Halcyon. It functions as the companion to Last Redoubt. It aims to bring the vibe of Cascadia into musical form through ambient electronics and black metal."
Cascadian Lightfall October 14 at 5:20 AM ·
I was going to wait till Friday to publish this, but after a late night working on the mix, I figured I would start the day off with a surprise for all of you! Here is "Seven Crowns of Sunrise". the New Cascadian Lightfall album! It's much shorter, and more of a "metal" album than Astral Rains, but I think it's still very me. On a side note: while my music is "Name Your Price", I have a couple live dates this year performing my dungeon synth/dark ambient and it would mean a heck of a lot if you helped support me with a buck or two if you can spare it for this release, and feel free to share as you see appropriate. If times are tough, as always, feel free to enter 0.
I hope this starts Monday on a cool, positive note!
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