Sunday, October 20, 2019

Washington State band: CYCLES OF THE DAMNED

CYCLES OF THE DAMNED is a new band in the Washington State, U.S., but the members used to be in Black Bone Exorcism, so this is in some important ways a continuation of that doomed heaviness. Having said, check it out: CYCLES OF THE DAMNED has a new album out this month of October, 2019. Fans of the sludgy heaviness will find something to investigate here. Sit back, take your time, this is going to be a long ride that die-hard doom fanatics will be interested in seeing to the end. Listen to the album A Time To Survive at the link below. Here is some official information about the band.
Seattle, Washington based trio CYCLES OF THE DAMNED successfully create a visceral experience sewn into intensely heavy and dark music. Showcasing a life experience in today's world with malicious guitar onslaughts, hypnotic primeval rhythms, and despondently somber interludes, CYCLES OF THE DAMNED create the necessary chaos to violently break through the human subtopia of mediocrity into a new world with fresh, open eyes.
Members Dave Krone (Guitars/Vocals), Mike Lee (Bass/Vocals), and Keith Greer (Percussion) evolved past their original formation as Black Bone Exorcism, leaping forth from those years of musical craft and now rise to a higher level of heavy music.
CYCLES OF THE DAMNED invite you into their realm to hear their debut release 'A TIME TO SURVIVE', coming on October 12th, from Incineration Ceremony Recordings, the brainchild label of the legendary Tad Doyle. The trio of COTD continue their consistent message of roaring riffs, demolishing drums and bass, and creatively disturbing ambient landscaping to defy the boundaries of our vision of dystopia.

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