Saturday, December 22, 2018


Rooted in Despair
release date: October 31st, 2018
1.A Morning in the Autumn Forest 04:00
2.To Father Worlds in the Bones of Ancient Solitude 16:35
total time 20:35
Krummholz is an exercise in the beauty of black metal. The recording is named Rooted in Despair, but the music is based on the quest to raise black metal to an art of the sublime, as you would find in the most beautiful heavy metal that there is and that you can think of. The first track is meant to give the sensation of walking in the woods on a bright summer day with the sounds of the waters of the rivers flowing all around and the birds chirping in the presence of the rays of the sun. The keyboards search for the feeling of peace and harmony. This is all a wonderful prologue to the main course that lasts more than 16 minutes. Transitioning smoothly from the first track to the second, they want to build major anticipating by starting with ambient, atmospheric segments perfect for contemplation, meditation, relaxation or prayer, and then about the 1:45 mark the drums make a grand entrance, and coupled with beautiful guitar melodies, now the journey to the stars has lift off. Once you are off the ground, and in the clouds, you have to wait a bit longer for the vocals to kick in about 2:25 and now we have all the components that seek to take us to a higher dimension, where beauty controls the realms of the imagination. The vocals are black metal, and done very well. A midrange type of rasp, not screechy, not too aggressive. The mature style of the black metal vocals works well with the music and the sensation of beauty continues even though it is extreme metal vocals. Finally, on vocals, there is also a mellow type of crooning and in some parts there is an additional singing tone, and it all adds to the objectives of this music, building, adding, leading towards the exploration of the sublime in the melodious sensations, enhanced through guitar and keyboards, of black metal. Very impressive, and with a good sound quality, too.
Krummholz is Noktal from Djibouti on drums, Seeker (Nelson Ulgravyskvrya) from Kenya/U.S. on guitars, keyboards and vocals, and Victor Rosewrath (Uganda) on vocals. Seeker is from the atmospheric black metal entity Nelecc and Rosewrath from the cult doom band Vale of Amonition.

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